Siavosh Naderi Farsani

Nationality: Iran

Date & Place of Birth: 22/03/1969 – Farsan

Field of Study: Philosophy of Culture

International Academic Center for Islamic Discourse(IACID)

Norrkoping, Sweden


Educational Background

Technical Diploma: 12 years Continuous Academic Education.

B.A in Education: Post Diploma Continuous Academic Education (TEFL(4years).

Post B.A Studies: 7 years Continuous Academic Research in Culture & Worldview

Special Field of research: Philosophy of Culture

Current Position:

A)Scientific Position: Researcher and instructor in philosophy of culture at IACID

B)Administrational Position: Founder & president of the international academic center for Islamic center(IACID)

Previous Positions:

A)Scientific Positions:

Researcher at Suprem leader’s representative office in the Iranian universities, research deputy,Tehran

– Reasercher and head of worldview group at center for current world’s studies, Tehran

– Reasearcher at Arsh Pajhouh institute for culture and art, Tehran

– Scientific Researcher at Cultural Studies Department. at IICT, Tehran

B)Administrational Position:

General Director for International Publishing & Translation at IICT, Tehran

Scientific Collaborations:

– The Expediency Discernment Council of the System, Tehran

– Member of managment board at IICT publication organization, Tehran

– Management board at center for international studies, Tehran

– Scientific advisor at suprem representative office in Haj & Pilgrimage Affairs, Tehran

– Researcher at Center for Islamic Humanities Studies, Tehran

– Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting(IRIB) Organization, Tehran

– IRG Strategic Research Center, Tehran

– Institute for Islamic Culture & Thought, Ghom

– Bagherol olom Research Center, Ghom

– Ministry of Education, Tehran

– Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance, Tehran

– Ministry of Science, Research & technology, Tehran


Published Books:

1- Culture Recognition, (co- author), API Publication, Tehran, Iran, 1995

2- Art of Communication, (co -author), Jangal Publication, Tehran, Iran, 1999 3- A Critique on the Logical Theory of Religious Knowledge, lulu, 2007

4- Language and Thought, (co- author), CA, 2008

Books Under Print:

1- Philosophy of Culture: Definition of Culture, IICT Publication

2- Philosophy of Culture: Methodology of Culture, IICT Publication 3- Philosophy of Culture: Building Blocks of Culture, IICT Publication

4- Philosophy of Culture: Elements and Rules of Culture, IICT Publication

Papers Presented at International Conferences:

1- Is Hope Culture Bound? , Monday 17th September – Wednesday 19th September 2007, Mansfield College, Oxford.

2- An Investigation on The Possibility of Mutual Understanding in a Pluralistic World, IX Conference for European Culture, Center for European Cultural studies, Spain, Pamplona oct.24-27, 2007.

3- The Impact of Worldviews — Secular and Religious — on the Sustainability of Democracies (August 4 — 7, 2008, Assisi, Italy.

4- Understanding Conflicts–Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Arhus University, Denmark, and August 19-22, 2008.

5- Interfaith Dialogue: Religious Pluralism & Conflict Resolution, Colombo University, srilanka.

6- Teleological Foundations for Culture, International Conference At Imam khomeni University, Ghazvin, Iran, 2008

7- Building a Peaceful Future, Future of The Consumer Society, Finland, 28-29, may 2009

8- In search of peace: from Theory to Practice, European Scientific Foundation with Collaboration of LIU, Sweden, 2012

Papers Presented At National & Academic Conferences & Scientific Journals:

1- A Critique on Development Models, Conference Publication, Tehran, Iran, (2010)

2- Dominant Bureaucracy of Knowledge in Iran, Zamaneh Monthly, Tehran, Iran, (2009)

3- The Priorities of Islamic & Iranian Development model, Strategic Symposium, Tehran,


4- Religion & State inter action, Public Culture, Quarterly, Tehran, Iran, (2008).

5- Science Role in National Authority, University of National Defense, Tehran, Iran, (2007)

6- Cultural Challenges & Threats, IRI national vision Conference, Tehran, Iran, (2006)

7- Cultural Foundations: A Lost Circle For Cultural Studies, Sadra Center for Social Studies, Tehran, Iran, 2009

Conducted Researches:

1- A Cognitive Map of worldview: Worldview Elements & Questions, Tehran, Iran, 2003

2- A Critical Research on Soroush Theory on Understanding Religious Knowledge, Tehran, Iran, 2001

3- IRI Cultural Macro Policies, (co researcher), IRI Expediency Council, Tehran, Iran, 2004

4- IRI Macro Policies For NGOs, (co researcher), IRI Expediency Council, Tehran, Iran, 2005

5- State & Religion inter Actions, (co researcher), IRI National Management Organization,

Tehran, Iran, 2006

6- Transitional Worldview Education, and international survey,IIT(2011) 7- Conflict Resolution: Theory & Practice, IICT, 2007-2010

8- Philosophy of Culture: Definition of Culture, IICT, Tehran, Iran, 2009

9- Philosophy of Culture: Methodology of Culture, IICT, Tehran, Iran, 2010 10- Philosophy of Culture: Building Blocks of Culture, IICT, Tehran, Iran, 2011

11- Philosophy of Culture: Elements and Rules of Culture, IICT, Tehran, Iran, 2012

Note: A perfect list of my conducted researches (about 32) is to be updated


1- Management & scientific supervision for translating hundreds of books and articles from Persian into English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Tajik, Turkish, Urdu, Malay in fields of philosophy, religion, sociology, policy, economy, culture, law, Islamic jurisprudence, etc at IICT(, Tehran

2- Translation of the book: Earthdance- Living Systems in Evolution written by Elisabet sahtouris, Jahane Moaser research center.

3- Hundreds of scientific papers translated from English to persian at above mentioned research centers and institutes in tehran & Ghom.

Seminars & Conferences :

Active participation at the following seminars:

1- Shia Studies:Authenticity of Nahjilbalaghe, sodertorns university, stockholm, 2014

2- Shia Studies: philosophy of Molasadra, sodertorns university, stockholm, 2014

Contribution & Collaboration in National Research Plans

1- Islamic Republic of Iran’s Strategic Vision for 20 Years Tehran.

2- Islamic Republic of Iran’s Scientific Map, Tehran

3- Religious Cultural Development, Tehran

Academic & Research Achievements:

So far, three theories have been developed as follow:

1- Worldview as the Head Quarter of Culture

2- Conflict Resolution: Theory & Practice: The Possibility of Mutual understanding in the pluralistic world

3- Transitional Worldview as the Theoretical & Practical Mechanism for Sustainable Peace and Global Security