With the purpose of achieving their ill intention, terorists assault on the peace, unity and solidarity all over the world. yet, The inhumane terrorists who try to disturb innocent people and they will never manage to destroy the faith, unity and solidarity conscience, that are already available in the nature of nations. In these hard times, no matter what their ethnical, denominational andl sources is, people never lose courage. .
“It appears to have been set from outside,” Lars Byström, a press spokesman for the Stockholm Police, said.
Swedish intelligence agency Säpo has been informed of the fire, which is routinely done when a mosque is involved.
A mosque spokesman told SVT News that members were “very worried”.
“This is the largest Shia mosque in Sweden, with thousands of members, and there are already dozens of members here on the spot right now,” Akil Zahiri told SVT News in the early morning hours of Monday. “They are very worried. I feel terrified, stressed and sad.”
Zahiri said that there were a few people in the mosque when the fire was first noticed. A party had been held earlier in the evening.
The building suffered major damage and the area surrounding it was closed off. Police were expected to conduct a full technical investigation later on Monday.
The fire raged for over an hour but by 3am fire fighters had the flames largely extinguished.
No residential buildings surround the large mosque, so police said there was no risk of the fire spreading to other houses.