The Criminal Court of Bahrain will announce the final verdict of the outstanding Muslim cleric, Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qassim. The Supreme Court has repeatedly postponed the trial of Sheikh. Some 9 months ago, the Al Khalifa regime had also embarked on another action contrary to national conventions and international treaties by stripping the citizenship of Sheikh Qassim, which was a prelude to deportation or other harassments against him.
March 14th is also the sixth anniversary of the military occupation of Bahrain by Al Saud’s forces. Since it is likely that there will be an attack on the people who have staged a sit-in around Sheikh Qassim’s house on D-day to kill people and arrest the Sheikh (similar to what was done with regard to Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Nigeria), it is quite important that worlds free voices increase some pressures on Al Khalifa regime.