The  Seminar on shiite studies was held at the international academic center for Islamic discourses in Norrkoping on Thursday 2nd, March, 2017. Sheikh Dr. Saeed Bahmanpour, senior lecturer & the head of Islamic College in London,presented his ideas in the session.He stated that the key element in establishing the culture of peace all around the world is the notion of justice.

Regarding conflict resolution and resolving problems of western communities in case of radicalism and terrorism, Dr. Bahmanpour required the related authorities in western governments to play their role effectively. He advocated that some of the authorities here in the west in case of integration issues concerning some of immigrants and Muslim youths either lacks the knowledge and practical procedures or have no will in this respect.

Statically speaking, Bahmanpour revealed that despite the public view in some communities, those Muslim youths involving in terrorist incidents are not the ones who pray five times daily and go to mosques but some of those who go to night clubs.

In this session, the head of Islamic center in Helsinki has been also invited and presented his views on conflict resolution and culture of peace.There was also an intimate conversation between the head of Islamic Cultural center in Stockholm and the participants of Seminar.