At the end of the conference, participant came to following conclusions and  guidelines:


    Need for further efforts by scholars and their colleagues to present the shining image of Islam and its humane characteristics based on deep and correct Quranic understanding.

    Need for setting up centers to study psychological, social and deviant Takfiri thinking and beliefs and their mental illness and social complexes in order to find practical results for tackling this dangerous phenomenon and uprooting the factors responsible for emergence of such groups.


        Underlining importance of pursuing media outlets that publicize Takfiri ideology, their financial resources and the need to answer doubt raising questions by them.  


    Participants while condemning the Takfiri edicts by scholars affiliated to royal courts called on scholars and thinkers of Islamic centers to issue edits and declare that Takfiri edicts as baseless and expose their historic relations with the a cursed household, to world Muslim community.


    Participants declared that Takfiry ideology is the most dangerous threat faced by Muslims and their unity and called on all those who believe in unity and proximity of Islamic schools of thought to campaign against Takfiries and their ideology.


    Participants examined the plots hatched by colonialists and their puppets within the Islamic World aimed at creating division among Muslims and exposed the close ties between the international and regional enemies of Islamic Ummah and the Takfiries groups and urged Muslims to be vigilant against such conspiracies.


    They condemned the slogans of Takfiries in defense of a certain sect and animosity against other brunches of Islam and declared that Takfiri terrorism has no religion and urged scholars of various Islamic schools of thought to condemn the Takfiri terrorists and distance themselves from them.


    Participants reiterated that Takfiri Terrorists are a great danger to Palestinian cause and has marginalized the Palestinian question and provided an opportunity for the Zionist regime to increase its suppression against Palestinian people. They called the Islamic Ummah to pay more attention to Palestinian cause and neutralize any new conspiracy against the Palestinian question which is the main issue of the Islamic World.


    Since one of the objectives of architects of Islamic resistance and national resistance movements is to support of Palestinian cause, therefore the Muslim Ummah should work to make it clear that defending a land, a nation and humane values are quite different from the crime and atrocities such as burning innocent people alive and annihilation of people and generations by the Takfiri groups which has resulted in presenting a violent image from Islam and Muslims.


    Participants by declaring that Takfiri terrorist ideology is the result of  cultural backwardness of Islamic community which itself is caused by its decline in face of colonial aggression and urged for revitalization of Islamic culture and civilization as the best possible way to eradicate such deviant ideology.


    Participants by taking into consideration valuable advice and guidelines by the Supreme Leader in last year’s unity conference on the need to bring about a new Islamic civilization, called on Muslim across the world to pay more attention to the concept of Islamic culture and future of the Islamic Ummah.


    They urged the Muslim scholars to double their efforts to advance the sublime ideals of Islam at this bitter juncture that Takfiri groups have created and bring about more vitality to Islamic life giving movement and help the Ummah to materialize Islamic unity and civilization.


    Participants proposed establishment of a new body named ”World New Islamic Cultural and Civilization Organization” to promote future cultural thought of the Islamic Ummah and urged scholars to work and contribute to establishment of this new organization.


    Participants rejected and condemned accusations leveled against Islamic Republic of Iran claiming that Iran is fomenting sectarianism and reiterated that policies adopted by Iran are commendable and said Iran by disregarding any sectarian affiliations has always backed oppressed people and position taken by this country with respect to Palestinian oppressed nation, and Bosnia – Herzegovina are clear examples of such supports.   


    Participants called for exposure of the full past and contemporary history of Islamic Ummah, so that doubts and uncertainties raised by Takfiri groups to be eliminated.


     Participants condemned the atrocities against Islamic world and sectarian and ethnical  division in the region and urged true followers of Islam to work for advancing Islamic ideals and creation of unique Ummah with shared culture, rituals, ideals and even shared pains and agonies because only through such unity, Muslims can refer themselves to the Holy Prophet of Islam.


    Participants urged exposure of British Shiism and their mouthpieces and American Sunnism and their mouthpieces and the need to be vigilant against their media outlets.


    Participant hailed victories of Iraqi and Syrian nations against terrorists and expressed hope that by continued sacrifice and support provided by the Islamic Ummah, these two countries can eradicate terrorist groups.


    Participants condemned daily killing of Yemeni people and destruction of this country and called world community to come to rescue of this patient and resilient nation and put an end to aggression against this country.


    Participants condemned atrocities against the rights of Bahraini citizens and violent acts against innocent people and called for restoration and safeguarding of their legitimate rights.


    Participant urged the education authorities in Muslim countries to include the concept of Islamic unity in school curriculums and establish institutions to advance the idea of Islamic unity in their country.


    Participants condemned the terrorist attacks against non-Muslim minorities in the Islamic World and reiterated that Muslims have always lived in peace and harmony with non-Muslims and followers of other religions in all Islamic countries and such minorities have played undeniable role in Islamic civilization.


    Participant condemned atrocities committed against Muslim minorities in some western countries and their intimidation and called on governments of such countries to uphold to their slogans on respect to human rights and dignities in dealing with Muslim citizens.


    Participants condemned strongly atrocities against Muslims in some countries such as Myanmar and urged international community to condemn what is happening in that country.


    Participants urged respect for women and their rights in their choice of Islamic dress and condemned any aggression against their rights.


    Patricians said they are obliged to thank and honor those pioneers of the Islamic unity who have passed away at the end of three decades of holding Islamic Unity Conferences, including Sheikh Abdumajid Salim, Sheikh Mahmmod Shaltot, Seyyed Housein Brojerdi, Sheik Housein Kashef al Qata, Sheikh Mohammad Taghi Qomi, Seyyed Rouhallah Mosavi Khomeini, Seyed Bagher Hakim, Seyed Mohammad Housein Fazlullah, Sheikh Mahmod Kaftar, Sheik Mehdi Asefi, Seyeed Morteza Asgari God bless the all.


    Participant thanked Islamic Republic of Iran for its efforts for the cause of Islamic unity and proximity of Islamic schools of thought. They descried Imam Khomeini as the pioneer of Proximity Movement and revitalization of Islam in contemporary world and also praised the progressive positions taken by his true predecessor Imam Khamenei in exposing and neutralizing divisive conspiracies and his call for unity and dignity of the Islamic Ummah.