Ali Jafari
Ph.D. in Private Law
Faculty member, University of Tehran
Legal adviser in Hiva black pearl <>
Editor of the Journal of Law of Communications
Membership in Scientific Community of Law and Jurisprudence, Qom Seminary
Faculty member and former director of Hazrate Masoumeh (AS)
Member of Academic Council and former director of Communications law department in Baqerololum Institute (AS)
Member of the Scientific Council of Law department in International University of al-Mustafa (SAW)
Selected in the first National Festival of Iranian youths (by vice president)
Authored Books:
”Martyr Sadr’s life and thoughts”, Qom: Islamic Research Center of IRIB, 2004.
”The law of knowledge based firms.” Tehran: majd, 2014.
”Good Faith in contract” , Qom: Institute of Islamic Science and Culture, 2015.
Papers in National Journals:
Originality of literary and artistic works, judicial law views (ISC), vol. 19, no 65, spring 2014.
Relation between freedom of information and privacy, Islamic law (ISC), vol.9, no.33, summer 2012.
Sayed Yazdi views on no fixed time rent, Feqh-e ahl-e-bait, no72, winter 2012.
The nature of custody, journal of majd, vol.2, no.8, spring 2008.
The nature of Order Making contract, Naeem (Quarterly of AL Mustafa international university), no.3, autumn 2009.
Criminal protection from audio-vision media, Quarterly of media, vol.21, no.2, summer 2010.
Legal bases of freedom of information and its limitations, communication law, no.1, spring 2012.
Theorizing and Criticism Session:
Criticism on viewpoint of Jurists about custody, University of Tehran, 2015.
Presented Papers in National Conferences:
The first scientific conference on Islam and social harms, Tehran: Ministry of Interior, July 2008.
The first National Conference of mobile government, Ministry of communications, Mashhad , December 2009.
The second review meeting of literary and artistic property law, Qom: Baqerololum Institute, 2010.
Traditional principles of Imam Khomeini’s command on privacy, National Conference of Social and Cultural ideas of Imam Khomeini, spring 2009.
Reformation in the humanities, University of Tehran, April 2013.
Presented Papers in International Conferences:
”Feasibility of Abandonment of custody by women and its Foundations.” Philosophy of Women’s Rights in Islam, Qom, November 27, 2013.
”Data mining technology challenges and viewpoints of religion.” science and religion, Vienna, July 27-29, 2015.
”Religious language and science.” science and religion, Vienna, July 27-29, 2015.
”Natural rights in the viewpoints of Aristotle and Muslim thinkers.” World Congress of Aristotle, Athens, July 9-15, 2016.