Ali Rahimi, Ph.D.  is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Bangkok University, Thailand. He is the author of 13 books. Four recent titles are Critical Discourse Analysis, The Art of Communication, Roadmap to Meaning, Textbook Evaluation: Analysis of ELT materials. He has translated 12 books on Creative Intelligence, Psychology, Sociolinguistics, and Pragmatics, etc. He has also published extensively in different reputable international journals and has presented his articles at national and international conferences. He has run workshops throughout Asia and Europe on Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication Skills, Critical Discourse Analysis, Language and Culture, and Research Designs. He has had major roles in international educational associations as well as curriculum development policies and has served on numerous editorial boards. He is the editor-in-chief of Global Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. 

Peace is beautiful, peace is human,
Peace is our heaven, peace is our soul,
Peace is our spirit, peace is our solace,
War brings nothing but,
Conflict, hostilities, assault, bombardments,
Torture chambers, prisons, executions, rape, and genocide,
Jews, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Communists, Liberals, Socialists,
Good-bye to all that!
Nationalist vs. globalist, communist vs. capitalist,
Moderates vs. extremists, religious vs. secular,
Chemical warfare, asymmetric warfare, globalizing warfare,
Unconventional warfare, civil wars, nuclear warfare, guerrilla warfare,
Battle of Stalingrad, Crusades, Battle of Orsha, Waterloo, Battle of Poltava,
Or serial killers, psychopaths, individual warmongers,
Morons, idiots emitting their personal rage and vengeance,
At the cost of innocent women and children,
80 million people died in World War II, congratulations!
War of Triple Alliance in Paraguay,60% of Paraguay’s population died, standing ovation!
Good-bye to all that!
Colonial powers waging war for gold, oil, diamond,
Call themselves ‘’freedom fighters’’, in Iraq, in Afghanistan,
The whole Middle East, thank you, give me a break!
Their slogan:
Masquerade the truth, Camouflage the reality,
Divide and rule, deceive and fool,
Pull wool over their eyes,
Is he a Jew? Slit his throat!
Is he a Muslim? Beat him up to death!
Is he a Catholic? Split him in two! Is he a Protestant? Stab him in the heart!
Is he a political dissident? Hang him from a crane!
Is he a protester? Rape him! Hassle him to death!
Is he Francophobic? Cut his throat with guillotine!
Harrowing heart-rending images of modern civilized man’s savagery,
Appalling, beastly acts of man’s sickly mentality,
Good-bye to all that!
Good-bye to all that!
Good-bye to all that!
The merciless leaders want war,
They adore war, thrive on our battlefields,
Dance and drink to our stupidity, cheers, idiots! Kill your brother, murder your sister! Cheers!
They scavenge on our wars, indulge in our wars,
They cherish chaos, instability, hunger, and bloodshed,
Incite hatred, prompt intolerance and dogma,
Violence, destruction, mass immigration,
Fear, misery, famine, disease and prostitution,
Yes, they sell their outdated, unstable weapons,
Obsolete ordinance, mortars, tanks, guns, snipers,
To both sides of warring idiots, yes to both sides!
This is nauseating! Shocking!
They unleash their destructive behavior on us,
Discharge their inner fears, pent up emotions in our wars,
A bloody lucrative business,
They have tones of steel for manufacturing weapons,
A filthy financial hoax! Indeed!

Good-bye to all that …