IACID AB in collaboration with Södertörn university will hold a scientific seminar on peace, religion and extremism with a focus on Tasoki incident on October 17th, 2016 in Södertörn University, Stockholm,Sweden.

Main topics to be discussed in the seminar:

1- Introducing Tasuki terrorist incident
2- Strategies to deal with violence
3- Decoding the behavior of a terrorist sect
4- Introducing the victims with a focus on martyr Peighan
5- Terrorist sects as the enemy of peace and solidarity
6- Some causes and motives of opponents of the Islamic Republic in presenting a violent image of Islam with a focus on Tasoki incident.
7- International support of terrorist sects and spreading of violence
8- Formation of terrorist sects in the eastern province of Iran (Sistan and Baluchestan) and socio political causes
9- The role of culture,identity and personality in formation of violence and extremism


Keynote speakers of the Seminar

1. Sharif Lakzaei (Phd). Assistant Professor at the Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy (ISCA)
2. Reza Lakzaei, The writer of the book: The memories of a hostage


Why to hold such a seminar

IACID is to contribute in peace building process and conflict resolution with a focus on Middle East and North Africa. Such an objective is expected to be fulfilled through giving effective consultancy to any related audience. IACID is to help the interested individuals and authorities to exchange knowledge and share their practical experiences regarding peace and conflict resolution.
Beside writing articles, translating and publishing related texts and documents, IACID plans to achieve a part of its objectives through organizing some events such as workshops and seminars in which experts from Middle East and North Africa can share their knowledge and real experiences with any interested audience in Sweden. However, it is not possible for IACID to manage such events in Sweden effectively without contribution of some scientific Swedish institutes or international ones.