The third millennium has begun under the circumstances that war, violence, and injustice in the distribution of the economic and educational sources have affected the lives of two third of the world population, making them deprived of a secure and peaceful life. But, today, human beings are still hopeful for the actualization of a just world based on a real peace. Expecting the actualization of this event makes us all more motivated and happier. This promising expectation has its roots in human innate essence which is essentially based on peace and any sort of violence or oppression is indeed a deviation from that human essence.

A really peaceful world void of violence has been a wish for all humans. In all times, humans have been promised a time when this wish will actualize based on either religious or non-religious principles. They have been promised the coming of a man who will save the world from oppression and injustice. Bertrand Russel sees this promise beyond religions such that Marxism also has made a similar promise. The per-Islamic religions also have made such a promise. For example, in the Old Testament the annihilation of oppressors and the establishment of justice have been promised. In Islamic teaching, it has been explicitly mentioned that the early men also would wait for a promised one. According to Islamic eschatology, ”He is a descendant of the Prophet of Islam and his name is Mahdi”. Ibn Khaldun, a well-known Sunni historian and sociologist has mentioned that among all Muslim communities, there is the consensus that a progeny of the holy prophet together with Jesus Christ will come to establish peace and justice globally. According to the Shiites, the promised Mahid is a descendant from the 11th generation of the holy prophet who will come to save the humanity and the divine promise for the establishment of real peace and justice and for the establishment of a government bu the oppressed people will be fulfilled under his leadership. The Shiites celebrate the 15th of Sha’ban, the birth day of Imam Mahdi and pray for his reappearance. The most important duty as regarding this promise is ”waiting” for its fulfillment.

”Waiting” is a concept with multiple interpretations and it is an incentive for popular movements and uprisings, According to Shiite teachings, waiting for the promised Mahdi is the most rational and the most constructive side of the Islamic civilization which has a deep impact on the development of human character. Waiting is a movement which is tied to self-purification, self-building and constructing an ideal society. Waiting has a deep impact on human’s world-view and life style. Waiting keeps the light of hope shining in humans and a hopeful person resists against the wrong things. Hope and resistance are the two immediate outcomes of the waiting. In an active waiting, hope and resistance turns into a massive movement against injustice.

Waiting according to Shiite teachings, leads us to support for the oppressed people and campaign against injustice. The expectants of the Imam Mahdi are getting ready for his coming in order to establish the global justice and real peace under his leadership. No doubt, the oppressors of the world are not happy with this promise, but a Day will come when the global justice will be established concurrent with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi.

This good news has been informed by all nations. Today is the 15th of Sha’ban (22 of May), the anniversary birthday of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) who will save the world out of the seizure of the oppressors. So, we all share this happiness and joy. You are kindly invited to join us in this celebration to know the real savior and reformer of the world.