A poem dedicated to the recent martyrs of freedom Nimr Baqir al-Nimr and  the other victims
In Quest of Tranquility
by siavosh naderi farsani

I was seeking peace and tranquility
in the face of savagery and animosity
was tired of all
conflicts and bellicosity
tired hard by all means
and facility
moved here and there
alone and in community
for emotional ease and
mental serenity
was faced with sadness
and nohumanity
to recover the
disillusionment and fragility
found it in me, my soul
with temerity
yes in me and not
in community
was in quest of elixir of life
was seeking for water of
time and being
like soldiers of grace
dignity honor and
fighting harsh hard and
relentless with the help
of divinity
their weapon was faith
chasity and patriotic
arsenal of ferocious
fatal velocity
wrecking havoc tumult
and disability
martyrs to the holy
cause of liberty
martyrs for the divine
aim of fraternity
martyrs of the
social political
dvinity,liberty,patriotic sensitivity