Philosophy of Culture

The international academic center for Islamic discourse has started the translation of a research project conducted by Naderi Farsani six years ago and includes some knowledge production in the field of philosophy of culture. To help peace researchers and activists to decode some important ideological and cultural sources of conflicts all around the world, one needs to employ a clear definition and description of culture. Conducting such a project at IACID, we will enjoy a theoretical framework as the basis for any related analysis regarding conflict resolution and the cultural development of peace. The achievements and results of such a project will be published in form of some papers and also a series of books under the general title  “the philosophy of culture” and the specific sub titles as follows:

  1. Definition of culture
  2. The elements of cognitive culture
  3. The elements of concrete culture
  4. Myth and culture
  5. Philosophy and culture
  6. Religion and culture
  7. Mysticism and culture
  8. Science and culture
  9. Policy and culture
  10. Economy and culture
  11. Education and culture
  12. Technology and culture
  13. Environment and culture
  14. Civilization and culture
  15. The pioneers of culture
  16. Art and culture
  17. Music and culture
  18. Recreation and culture
  19. Language and culture
  20. Cultural change
  21. Identity and culture
  22. Security and culture